playback level behaving strangely

Hi, in this project I’m using note performer for all the instruments except the guitar, which uses Halion. Weird thing happens, when I play the piece from the beginning the guitar is almost inaudible when it enters. If I stop playback and start again in the same spot it’s suddenly louder. (628 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but I think adding an explicit dynamic at the start of the guitar part should sort it out.

Try to remove channel 7 (the guitar) from the Noterperformer instance (endpoint setup) … but, as Daniel says, a starting dynamic for the guitar is defintely required :slight_smile:

I should’ve mentioned, I previously had a starting dynamic and removed it, but I had the same problem.

I can’t seem to remove channel 7 from Noteperformer, I clicked the override sound option, not sure it did anything though.

Very strange, all I have to do is pause playback for a moment, or start from anywhere other than the beginning, and the guitar will sound correctly. Unfortunately when I export the audio the guitar is quiet, and when I load the halion sonic default playback template, I have the same problem.

Solved: there was a low CC7 mark at the beginning of the track. I guess when I paused playback it went back to it’s default level or something? Not sure I understand this behaviour but it’s fixed now.