Playback Loop, Dear Dorico Team stop Ignoring that feature

In any DAW, in any Score notation software in the universe, the “playback Loop” exist by default except for Dorico…do you know how " playback loop" is important for a composer?? No you Don’t, do you know how we suffer without that simple thing? No you don’t… we just need looping 8 bars forever to invent our music, specilally for “non-pianists” composers…" playback loop" it’s not an Option it’s a feature that exist naturally in any music tool for a Reason, I feel amputated without it…the next generation music notation without playback loop, How??..(please no one tell me about “Repeats” in write mode)


And how many of those have, for example, condensing? Not all software is created equal.

Suffer? Well not for me thanks, playback is spot checking in my composition routine, absolutely don’t want looping. And if putting that off meant we got instead the infinitely more useful scrub playback, I’ll take it any day.

But you want loop playback, got that.


How do you know about the rest of the universe?

Come now, a polite feature request is all that is required. The Dorico team notes all such requests.


That’s what I think too: everyone is different. However, I also consider a ‘loop#’ function to be a matter of course, although I would probably only rarely use it. In Cubase, I ALWAYS use the mouse to click anywhere in the note text to position the play cursor and start playback from that point with the space bar - as well as replay from the same point with the space bar. I love this behaviour and very much want it in Dorico too!

Das finde ich auch: Jedes und Jede(r) ist anders. Ich halte allerdings eine 'loop#-Funktion auch für eigentlich selbstverständlich, obwohl ich diese wohl nur selten einsetzen würde. In Cubase benutze ich IMMER das Klicken mit der Maus an eine beliebige Stelle im Notentext zum Positionieren des Abspiel-Cursors und das Starten der Wiedergabe ab dieser Stelle mit der Leertaste - ebenso wie das erneute Abspielen von der gleichen Stelle mit der Leertaste. Ich liebe dieses Verhalten und wünsche es mir sehr auch in Dorico

people who are not concerned by the topic and who are hypersensitive to criticism Please Stand by, you’re not helping anyone, i politely ask Dorico for a legit feature that should be there normally and It it represent an obstacle for my self progress because i need playback loopback to compose, my music and now i can’t do it properly…( I use an exaggerated style to draw attention to Dorico’s team So please a little smartness it’s needed. (Andro) i’m not talking about astronomy. (Requests help users, help products to be better)

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I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.


In the court of public opinion there’s probably a common view on that, agreed

That’s what I’m getting at - sure in a DAW it makes some sense - but I’m not understanding why in scoring software it would be useful? Not doubting you but I can’t see why listening to what you write over and over like that would be helpful.

Dorico it’s a score notation and a DAW in the same time in development stage and i think that’s why they use the expression of “next generation”, in finale, sibelius, musescore, ouverture and most of other software notation playback loop it exist and that’s why i’m asking for that feature because i was used to it to make my music

Dorico isn’t remotely a DAW, it has a fraction of the feature set and can hardly be compared. It’s a scoring system with some mixing and playback capabilities. And who cares about the other notation apps? I still haven’t heard an explanation of why it’s useful.


@medjazz79 , no one is denying that we’d (also) like to see that function added. In fact, if you had done even a quick search you would have found MANY threads where people have requested this and discussed it at great length. It is on the development team’s docket for implementation.

I don’t know where you got the idea that playback loop it not should be in a score notation software?? it’s clear that you have no idea about the subject but you can give your opinion and that’s not so helpfull, Loop it’s there in finale, sibelius, musescore, GuitarPro, ouverture and quasi all others but not in Dorico…Even if it doesn’t exist, I think it’s a necessary to be there in any software Supports music…it’s natural thing to listen again and again and again to a “a musical passage”…

I am one of the first people requesting that feature, after two years no one is listening and i really curious to know why Dorico ignore that…if there is a technical problem prevent them from doing so someone tell about it, I’m talking about something necessary that must exist by default in Dorico

Dear Dorico Team i’m in Love with Dorico, it’s really the next generation tool for musicians, i can see clearly how it can be superior to ALL other music software notation and that’s why i request a feature in it ( also i paid for it), Please make playback Loop exist in it.


Oh seriously here, you insult the team, you insult me, and you can’t answer a simple question as to why it’s so important. You’re not doing a good job of feature requesting, but it’s time for an ignore list so good luck with that, if you deserve it.


I didn’t insult the Dorico team and anyone, you invent and please stop these kind of manners, I like Dorico a lot, i can’t return to Sibelius and i want it to be perfect for me and everyone who use it…If you consider requesting and criticism an insult, that’s your problem

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Even for classical orientated composers and arrangers a loop function can be useful. For example:

  1. You have 8 bars (or 5 …) and want to write a contrapunct (or a melody over an interesting accompaniment) voice. Listen to what you have written several times and “improvise” the counterpoint in your head, and then write it down. And then control it several times.
  2. To control a passage several times controlling how it works. - And for “non-pianists” (both rhythmic og classical orientated) it is an obvious good possibility.
  • (I am academic classical educated and also jazz musician, and have taught arrangement for 40 years with musicteacher students).
  • I often mark the beginning of a passage and activate “P” (starting playback), after some bars i stop playback and activate “P” again. But a loop function would be fine for me too.

The misunderstanding I feel like is that if a user makes a request, then it’s like it becomes an assumption that there’s some kind of contract where it must be done. I feel like the “features I hope to see in D5” thread (s) became something of a monster in that it created those weird expectations - but it was just users talking on a forum.

There’s no voting by us - unless you want to buy a bunch of stock I suppose. Even if there were voting, it seems just as clear that a few likes doesn’t necessarily represent the 300k so users on the Steinberg forums. If I had a piece of Yamaha stock for every time someone said something was anabsolute “must have”and someone else disagreed -:blush:

More seriously - when I read the MuseScore development forums- I thank God that Dorico is professionally developed and managed- that Dorico is NOT anything like a request driven reactive hot mess.


Daniel Spreadbury is a choir director. I remember that during the 1.0 cycle of Dorico there were many features missing for the kind of work he does, including decent choir sounds, choir condensing, hidden stems etc … I also remember that those features were not given any kind of priority despite Daniel being a sort of Head Honcho here. In fact, choir condensing still needs a bit of extra love. Features are implemented when the team is good and ready, not when we are. That’s the way of the world. In the end, polite requests will be given the same amount of weight as impolite one. Requesting features is important, and the way they are presented can sometime prompt some new ideas that the team was unaware of. But in the end, it will always be a waiting game for the users because there is no other way. I want clefs, key changes and meter changes inside repeat bars; well guess what: I have to wait! But ultimately I look at what’s been accomplished through this method and I feel nothing but gratitude.


Dorico will put repeats around a region if you select multiple bars. In the gif below I set up a loop to repeat 50x. It took me 7 seconds total to do it:


Takes a couple of seconds to delete the repeats when done, but I can think of probably 50 other things that either can’t be done or can only be done with great difficulty that I’d rather see the developers spend their time on.