Playback master section

I am not able to playback audio files using the master section process. Am i missing some option ?

Wavelab 11.0.20
Windows 10 1909

Check the render settings tab. Do you have the option to Bypass master section on resulting file checked?

Toggle it off and on.

I believe its a bug, for me at least
I open the file in the editor and closed the editor and then the master section started to work for the file browser.
Before , as soon i hit play to preview the audio the master section , the green (active) turned red (bypassed) automatically.
Its weird.
Thanks for your reply @misohoza .This is about the new feature added in V11,

I have run into the same issue. I know you are talking about the new feature of preview through master section. Strangely changing the render option I mentioned fixed it for me. That’s why I suggested it.

I agree it looks like a bug. It doesn’t work reliably.

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What OS you running?
Lets wait for @PG1 answer.

I find this option very useful, being a Reaper user where you can do this to any selected track makes it possible to listen different processing . Really handy feature.

There is indeed a bug, but an easy workaround: simply have any audio file opened in the editor.
Then the file browser option “Play Through Master Section On/Off” will work properly.

Will be fixed in 11.0.30

Thanks @PG1 .
Would it be possible to preview audio files that are not in the same sample rate of the empty project ? Lets say i have a folder of 44.1KHz files but my empty WL project is at 48KHz, the way it is now is not possible unless we choose a different SR.
It would became a way of choosing loops for further batch processing (resampling).

Thanks .

I think this currently works.

I get this message every time i try:

Apparently, your audio device does support 44 100 Hz… strange

It does support, the only audio program that does not preview audio on a different sample rate rather than the one that is chosen is Wavelab.
I have a full range of SRs at my disposal:

The only observation i can make, if you allow me, is that maybe Wavelab makes the request to change the sample rate to the driver and this is not the way other programs (Reaper at least) work. They upsample/downsample on the fly without making that request to the driver. That could be the case right ?

Yes, this is the way WaveLab has always worked, to get the optimal quality from the hardware.
This being said, you could add the resampler to the Master Section.

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Great, nice to know.
Thanks for your time, always present for the users :wink: that makes using wavelab a pleasure. :smiley: