Playback Midi out - Any


I’m trying to use East West Symphonic Choirs with Wordbuilder.

In order to do so, I need my track (lets say Sopranos) to have the midi output set to “Any”. How do I do that? In the dropdown menu I only see 1-16 Channels…

Thanks in advance.

What is “Any” supposed to mean? Surely you have to choose a specific MIDI output?

Hello Daniel.

I don’t know how to say it in english.

Something like this in Cubase.

In Cubase this just means that it will just the same midi channel as the data in the track. You need to find out what channel EWSC is actually responding to, and at the same in Dorico. Most likely channel 1 will work,.

In a sequencer, data on multiple channels can be stored on a single track, in which case ANY ensures that those channels will be played back verbatim rather than all being forced to any one channel…

For the Wordbuilder to work I must send data that way. And the patch in the EW Player is, indeed, loaded as “Multi”.

But if there isn’t a way to do this in Dorico I can understand… I just read somewhere in the Facebook page that someone was able to do this so I tried asking.