Playback mistake rearticulates note in last measure

The final measure of a flow rearticulates the note, creating an audio effect that sounds like another note is being played when it shouldn’t be. This is when using default playback template which assigns Sketch with orchestral instruments.

But this wrong effect can be eliminated if there is a new empty measure added after the final note in the flow.

It’s easier to relate with the screenshot… this happens to be Halion Sonic Iconica Sketch Horn(F).

The final measure above will Play the final whole note as it should, and then sound another short note (wrong). However, the Export>Audio is correct… (reverb tail length is set to 1.0 sec).

If an empty measure is added after the final one, then Playback is correct:

I cannot confirm this issue. Here how it sound by me (Horn in F with Iconica Sketch):

The rearticulation is audible, and also visible in the mixer channel, right at the very end, a quick swell (not clean fade out).

It is probably because I was experimenting with the expression map and enabling ‘Secondary Dynamic’. I don’t know why such a setting would cause that behavior though. In the last 2 measures I see in the VST window that the final whole notes are activating the Sustain sample in Sketch.