Playback mode - playing techniques lane

This new feature is really nice. But what is the trick to get it to display the information in the playing techniques lane. Sometimes it comes up blank, then if you expose the notes or revert to write mode and then back to play mode they show up sometimes but not consistently. Is there some button I need to push to refresh the display?

You can force them to be recalculated by pressing play and then stop quickly, though in most cases that shouldn’t be needed. Please let us know if you find a specific operation that causes them to disappear.

If I click the disclosure triangle to close the notes, but leave the playing techniques lane open and then switch to write mode and then back to play mode the playing techniques disappear. Then I have to click the disclosure triangle to see the notes and then switch to write mode and back to play mode to see them again.

And I can’t get the play/stop to recalculate them. Do the notes need to be displayed for this to work?

Ah, I see - so you’re closing the disclosure for the instrument but not the player. I can reproduce that problem - I’ll log it.


I have the same but with the chords lane in Play mode: when opening the file anew they are there but when changing the destination they disappear. Also when I click any button like mute or solo then the spacebar toggles the setting; I need to click in the background to undo this behaviour.

Any thoughts?

I forgot: also I am missing all text in Halionsonic SE2 when I try to change or add sounds…

I think the chords disappearing is a related problem, which I’ve logged in our bug database.

If the sound browser in Halion or other plugins is blank then you can force the Mediabay database to update by deleting the folders:



Thank you very much; the vst library is updated and working!
Furthermore: in any mode the chord won’t stop playing when the notevalue is done; it keeps ringing…

If you want the chord to stop playing, enter a “no chord” chord symbol by typing “nc” into the Shift+Q popover.

I mean the last chord of a sequence, that is…

Yes, the answer is the same: put a “no chord” chord symbol in at the point at which you want the chord symbol to stop playing.

Thank you very much indeed.