Playback modes without toggling

Hello, for most scenarios returning to start position is what I want, but there are some instances where I would like to stop the playback curser right where it is.

I currently have “return to start position on stop” but what command can I use if sometimes I want to stop playback right where it is?

The only thing that I can find is setting a key command for “return to start position on stop” but this just toggles on/off this behavior. what I would like to be able to do is hit space back to stop playback and return to start position on stop, and for the occasions where I want to stop at current time set key command <shift + spacebar> to stop right where it is, without having to toggle on/off the behavior.

anyway to to that?


Deactivate that preference. There are key commands for most prefs like this under Preferences in the key command dialogue.


Edit > Key Commands: Preferences > Transport - Return to Start Position on Stop.

You can even make a macro to trigger this preferences switcher + Transport > StartStop.

Hi Martin, what I am seeing for the key command for “return to Start Position on Stop” is that it toggles between the functionally. when I assign a key command a get a notice as in SS below, instead of actually returning to start stop. I want return to start position to be the default and have some other command ie to stop at current time. How could I do this with key command? or maybe it needs to be macro?

Thank yo,u

Simply assign the desired keystroke. This is one of my most-used features

You can search for them using their names, e.g.,


You could make a Macro to:

  • Switch the Return to Start Position on Stop preferences (Off)
  • Stop payback
  • Switch the Return to Start Position on Stop preferences (On)

Then assign a Key Command to the Macro. This would be your Shift+Spacebar stop option.

Hi, Yes I have tried that Key command but what I have said is when I use that key command it does not “return to start” but instead toggles on/off the preference (activates/dis-activates) which changes the function of the space bar instead of actually returning to start position by using that key command.

@Martin.Jirsak offers a way to do it, I have used that, but I have found that the macro can get out of sync and result in the reverse of what’s expected since it simply toggles the pref, as you note, so I just set it manually.

Alternatively, the “Transport:Stop” key command, when hit a second time sends the cursor back to start, without regard to the return to start pref.

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