Playback Mutes Dorico

Hi there.

I have Dorico since a few months and I am loving it. Brilliant.

I am working on a bigger commission for a big band arrangement and I have trumpets with and without mutes. I can’t hear the mutes in the playback (I personally don’t mind, but I’d like to provide with an “as much as realistic” midi file.

I am supposing I am missing something in the “play” section, but couldn’t find this answer anywhere else.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

thanks in advance!

Sometimes for playback (not in Dorico yet, but in other notation software) to create a useful mp3 demo, for such quieter playback issues I simply insert louder dynamics where necessary to get the proper balance, and save that with the word “playback” attached to the file name, so the original remains as it should be.

What sound library are you using? The default HALion sounds that come with Dorico? I might be wrong as I don’t really use them, but I’m not sure they have mutes included. Basically you need to have a sample library that includes the mutes, and then you need to tell Dorico to make the switch.

For example, I typically use the Samplemodeling Trumpet library for big band trumpets. Let’s say I want to do something like this in a Trumpet part:

The “Cup mute” indication in bar 5 is a Playing Technique, not just basic Shift-X text. Every instrument must be assigned an Expression Map which basically tells the virtual instrument how to interpret the notation. With the Samplemodeling Trumpet, the mutes are controlled by CC100 values. Below shows in my expression map where I’ve assigned a CC100 value of 50 any time the Playback Technique “Cup mute” is used. This switches the sound of this virtual instrument to Cup.

I did similarly with Harmon. Here’s how this ends up playing back:

You need to figure out if your sample library includes mutes, and then how they are controlled, a CC change, MIDI note keyswitch, etc. In your expression map, connect the mute change playing technique to the proper way your library looks for a mute change, then make sure that expression map is assigned to the correct instruments.

Hey there,
thanks both for the annswers. Yeah, Sibelius use to have a crappy sound for mutes, I can export the midi file and use some sound libraries I have, but the overall sound is already good so I’m surprised Dorico in this moment doesn’t have in the Halion library anything about mutes. Maybe in some future updates…!

But thanks for the answers!