Playback not honoring pizz

when i play this back it goes into arco where circled. clearly it should not. any ideas?

Check the duration of the pizz playback technique - they changed the behaviour recently and you now have to extend the pizz to arco.

Did you have the note selected or the measure selected when you applied pizz. Should be the note only.

you don’t actually have to extend it. you CAN extend it over multiple notes (undesirable, since you also need an arco marking to indicate the change back anyway).

But if you only select one note and apply the pizz or arco technique it will affect all subsequent notes until the opposite playing technique is applied.


If this is a divisi staff and another divisi section belonging to the same instrument has a different playing technique, and you haven’t enabled independent voice playback for the divisi player, then you might end up with conflicting playing techniques.

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