Playback not in sync, in Cubase 11


I’ve been having problems play back midi I’ve been recording for quite some time now.
Everything is played off sync, and also some sounds are missing.
Eksample: an ordinary 4/4 kickdrum, sounds totally odd, couse it is off sync.
The only thing that really works, is to reinstall the whole of Cubase, and that usually works, fixing the problem, but now, after upgrading to Cubase 11, not even that works anymore.
What can I do?

And makes me wonder if I need to change to another sequencer.

Magnus Sørlie /Spektralized/Norway

It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what’s going on based on this description. But most likely it is related to your configuration and settings. Could you post a few screenshots that demonstrate the problem.

Are the problem Tracks set to Musical or Linear Timebase? Are you using the Tempo Track or a fixed Tempo?


And thanks for that quick response :smiley:
I tried to post a video, but there’s a limit of 4mb, so I couldn’t.
I’ve attached the video to this email, if it’s possible to resive it though.

I’m not in the studio now, so I don’t have any chance to check it at moment.


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