Playback not right

I suspect that I am doing something wrong but I can’t get the playback to agree with the notation. Somehow two notes seem to being held over from some prior event but I can’t find what is going on and have been unable to correct it. I have selected the offending notes and clicked reset playback overrides but to no avail. Here are screenshots of the “Write” tab and the “Play” tab which I think shows the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bob.

What is going on in the part above your screenshot ?

In play mode, notes in dark blue have had their default playback overridden. The sustained B starting before the bars in your notation example is probably the cause. There is something strange going on with the G flat pitch as well. Maybe you want to play back the notated durations, not the recorded MIDI durations?

If that doesn’t help, attach the score (not just a couple of screen shots) so somebody can figure out what is going wrong.