Playback of appoggiaturas

Could there please be an explanation of the ‘Playback Options / Timing / Grace Notes’ section in the User Manual?

I have found a way to get appoggiaturas to play back ‘correctly’ in a Mozart sonata - in other words, to take 50% of the value of the following note. It needed a good deal of experimentation from me. I couldn’t find anything at all in the 3.5 User Manual about the playback of Appoggiaturas (Grace Notes), and although I have fiddled around in the relevant section of the Playback Options Dialogue, flicking switches and adjusting values till I got it to work, I was doing it more or less at random. I even tried making the appoggiaturas quavers instead of semiquavers, but that didn’t seem to change anything. I ask myself: “What does “Fraction of quarter note at 120 bpm” even mean”?

Here are some screen shots:

Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 14.40.04

I am aware there is a User Manual entry of Playback Options in the 3.5 version, but it doesn’t seem to have any child pages:

  • Table of Contents > Play mode > Playback Options dialog

Many thanks

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve made a note.