Playback of appoggiaturas

Could there please be an explanation of the ‘Playback Options / Timing / Grace Notes’ section in the User Manual?

I have found a way to get appoggiaturas to play back ‘correctly’ in a Mozart sonata - in other words, to take 50% of the value of the following note. It needed a good deal of experimentation from me. I couldn’t find anything at all in the 3.5 User Manual about the playback of Appoggiaturas (Grace Notes), and although I have fiddled around in the relevant section of the Playback Options Dialogue, flicking switches and adjusting values till I got it to work, I was doing it more or less at random. I even tried making the appoggiaturas quavers instead of semiquavers, but that didn’t seem to change anything. I ask myself: “What does “Fraction of quarter note at 120 bpm” even mean”?

Here are some screen shots:

Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 14.40.04

I am aware there is a User Manual entry of Playback Options in the 3.5 version, but it doesn’t seem to have any child pages:

  • Table of Contents > Play mode > Playback Options dialog

Many thanks

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve made a note.

Does anyone know why an appoggiatura at the beginning of a flow would not play as such, but rather play both consecutive notes simultaneously?
Here’s the example:
Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 4.03.44 PM
Puzzled 'cause it seems such a simple straight forward thing.
Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated.

It may be a case of adding a bit of time before the flow to give it time to sound, as grace notes technically happen before the beginning of the flow in strict rhythmic time.

Hi. Thank you for the guidance. I learned something new.
Problem fixed.