playback of Cubasis midi file on virt.instr. via Audiobus

I have midi files on Cubasis that I would love to have playback on Audiobus-capable virtual instruments. Nothing I have tried seems to work but I am not well-versed in this sort of thing. Is it possible to route the Cubasis midi file to an ios virtual instrument for playback using Audiobus 2 or 3?

Hi Mike 999,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis allows to route MIDI tracks to other app instruments and effects via Audiobus 3, Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio.

Regarding Audiobus 3 please have a look at the current Cubasis 2.1 tutorial (Audiobus is demonstrated at around 7:10 min):

We have a wide range of Cubasis tutorials available, please find them listed right here:

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