Playback of Fermata in music xml files

When I export a Dorico file with fermatas into a music xml file and then import it into another music app the bars with the fermatas get slowed down. This even happens when I disable rests (fermatas) in playback options in Dorico before I export to music xml.
I can’t remember that I had this problem before Dorico could playback fermatas. Can this be?

MusicXML format contains no data about the length of a fermata. How it is interpreted is the responsibility of the importing app.

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That is what thought as well. But even when i delete the fermata signs in the other app the slowing down is still there.
And I am sure that I didn’t have this problems with Dorico 4 and the export and import of music xml files.

Are you sure it’s not the receiving app’s own playback of fermatas?

What happens if you load the XML back into Dorico (with fermata playback off)?

I am not completely sure no. However I have found my workaround now.
Thank you all for your replies and trials to help.
Best wishes …