Playback of guitar bends larger than a whole step


Another guitar question for y’all!

I have a very simple series of 4 guitar bends:

(project attached)
Bend example.dorico (573.8 KB)

The playback plays any bend larger than a whole step the same as the whole step bend (the half step bend is correct, though).

Likely this is happening because whole step bend is implemented as a full turn of the pitch bend wheel. However, many guitar virtual instruments allow you to customize the max bend distance. So, for this example, I could set the max bend distance to be 2 whole steps. What would be great is if I could tell Dorico about this, and it would adjust bends as such, for example, making whole step bend half a turn, 1 1/2 whole step bend 0.75 turn, etc.

This would be awesome!


Yes, indeed, at the moment Dorico does not try to set the pitch bend range beyond a whole step, and this is something we plan to address in future.

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Great, thank you.

Any manual workaround?

No, not that I can think of, I’m afraid, because there’s no way to send the required system exclusive message that is needed to set the pitch bend range.

Gotcha, no worries. Thanks, Daniel!

It occurs to me, several months after posting this originally, that many guitar VI’s have the following workaround:

  1. Map a CC to “MIDI bend pitch range” control or similar, if exposed via MIDI (as it is in Shreddage 3, which I am using)
  2. Create new playing technique / playback technique to update the desired notes’ range

This is working fine for me.

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