playback of guitar chords

  1. During playback of guitar chords, some chords playback in higher inversions than I would like. I did once hear Daniel say if you input chords with a midi keyboard, Dorico will playback the exact notes (inversion) you played. But I don’t find that to be the case. I want the chord E to play a lower inversion. F#m plays so low it can’t be heard over the piano. I’ve entered a different inversion of both chords but they still play back the original notes.

  2. Some guitar chords are too loud in soft piano passages. Is it possible to playback guitar chords with dynamics? How does one attach dynamics to guitar chords?

At the moment you can’t add dynamics or automation data to the chords track, I’m afraid. If you want something a bit more elaborate than what Dorico can do on its own at the moment, you might want to consider adding another player to write a fully-realised chord track, and hide it from the full score layout that you print.