Playback of just one flow

I would like to report an issue with multiple layouts in a score with multiple flows.
Consider that there are two flows in my score.
I create two full score layouts:

  • Layout 1 for flow 1 (only, doesn’t include flow 2), and
  • Layout 2 for flow 2 (only, doesn’t include flow 1)

I switch to Write mode in Layout 1, and play the score. The flow 1 music plays and finishes (no problem), but then it will carry on to play the entire flow 2 but without any music (because Layout 1 doesn’t include flow 2). The play progress is shown by the time display of the transport pane.

This doesn’t look intuitive to me, as I would expect Dorico to play only flow 1 music and stop there. It shouldn’t go on to flow 2 music since I don’t include it in my Layout 1.


This is the same issue as this, I believe:

Leo’s correct that the reason this happens is that Dorico maintains a single timeline for the project, and each flow exists at a fixed position in that timeline. I don’t anticipate this changing in the near future.