Playback of Laissez vibrer tie?

Greetings everyone, and an “exquisitely engraved” happy holiday season to you all! :wink:

Does anyone know how to obtain a longer duration of a note that the laissez vibrer tie has been applied to, especially for the timp and harp? I know that I can manually adjust the duration of the note in play mode, but I’d love for Dorico to do this automatically when the with laissez vibrer tie is applied. In the Expressions dialog box, I am unable to get any effect when I either: 1. Increase the percentage of the “Length %” in the “Techniques area,” or apply a sustain pedal in the “Actions” area at the bottom of the dialog box. Thank you for any help you might have.

I would think extending the duration of the sound in Play would serve, but you would have to do that one note at a time.

Thanks Derrek…

Yes, I could go to Play Mode and extend each note that the laissez vibrer tie is applied to, but this seems very “unDorico.” One would think that one could do this, somehow, through the Expression Map dialog box. Choosing laissez vibrer as a technique is possible, but I can’t figure out how to get it to make any difference in the playback.

I admit such an implementation of l.v. would be useful, but I can see why it has not yet been done. Imagine that the l.v. of a Timpani note would be different from that of a Cymbal or a Harp. That would be a real feather in Dorico’s cap to implement well, and our experience has been that what the Team does they do very well.

Hi Off the fence and Derrek. I tried to achieve this by editing the l.v. playing technique in the Play mode for timpani. However, some weird happens. When I type a Length value of 200, this value is saved as “2” into the Transpose field! If I type “300”, it stores “3” in the transpose field. Weird…
Otherwise, this would achieve what you want, because if I type a B in the timpani and then attach l.v., the note gets transposed up 2 semitones!


I had the same issue/problem with the “jumping” of the numbers into different boxes. Weird…

Derrek… It seems to me as if the facility for the differentiation of instruments playback is in place with Expression Maps.

I reported it here
If this gets fixed, it may work for you, since the other parameters do work with l.v. technique (I don’t know if that will happen too with the “dangling tie” l.v.)

Nice Lucas. Thank you.