Playback of Notated Durations?

In Play mode I’ve selected Notated Durations on the left and it will show me the piano roll but when it plays back it still plays the midi played durations. How do I get it to play back the notated version?

You’ll need to select those notes and choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

OMG. I’ve been under the impression, for several months now, that “notated durations” meant Dorico would play the notated durations. And I’ve been super frustrated – for several months :slight_smile: – that the timing is sloppy, wondering if it’s Dorico’s fault or NotePerformer’s fault. And it turns out it’s my fault.

Is there a fast way to select all of the notes? Dorico shows me about 18 measures horizontally and an octave vertically. Also, reset playback overrides seems to only work kinda okay.

Is there some way to get Dorico to play back recorded parts with the notated timing, same as if I entered them in step time? I can handle my sloppy timing when recording in a DAW, but I want tight timing in Dorico. I don’t want to re-type all my recorded parts, but I will if that’s what it takes… just seems surprising that that would be the case.

Doesn’t regular Select All (Cmd/Ctrl+A work)?

No. I did try the obvious thing before posting :slight_smile:

Anyway, after some more searching I found the “preserve note positions” Play preference. That seems to do the trick for newly recorded material.

You can select all of the notes in Write mode, then switch to Play mode and do Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

Could it be be possible to have a “select all” in play mode.
And also a mute and a solo button on each track ? :wink:

As a new user, I am confused by option to select either Notated Durations or Played Durations in the play view. I see that it affects the way the piano roll looks, but since it doesn’t actually change the playback (my goal), what good is it? In other words, what is it used for then?

A couple more related questions:
1 Is Play > Reset Playback Overrides permanent?
2 What is the best way to go back and forth between playing the Played Durations and playing Notated Durations? Both have a use for me.
Thanks for any clarification.

Welcome to the forum, James. The switches in Play mode affect what happens when you use the piano roll editor to edit the note durations, but this doesn’t affect how they play back: if a note has an offset to its start position or its duration, that will always play back regardless of whether you’re looking at the piano roll in one mode or the other. Play > Reset Playback Overrides is indeed permanent: it removes the offsets and resets the properties back to their defaults.

There presently isn’t a good way to toggle playback with and without these offsets, but I agree it’s a good idea. We’ll think about how best to accommodate this in future.