playback of snap pizz col legno etc

Hi .

Can anybody tell me, which VST 3 samples will allow me to playback string playing techniques such as snap pizz. , col legno, (glissando?) and such stuff through Dorico? - as I suppose Halion can not do it for the time beeing …?
Any suggestions will be very helpfull.

Best greetings

Vienna Symphonic Library is widely accepted as one of the best; and has these articulations and techniques. Expression maps for Dorico are not yet complete. But will come.

Thank you, Mark!

Welcome, Per. If you do decide to try the VSL VI’s and if by any chance you needed help in setting up, please PM me: I have a little document :slight_smile:

I know that’s VSL’s official position when asked if they’ll release official expression maps, but it is my opinion that the features they are waiting for are merely time-savers, because both softwares are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of each other already.

I don’t think I’m wrong in believing that VSL and Steinberg are and/or have been in communication (as one would expect) re expression maps etc.

And that - as you say - quite a lot works already - again, as one would expect… I’ve certainly had some success.

I may have seen a suggestion somewhere that importing Cubase Expression Maps might also work; or at least be a good place to start experimenting - depending on how ambitious one’s project is.

That’s why I suggested optimism as well as incompleteness (there is work to be done) :slight_smile:.