Playback of specific voice on DC

I have been banging my head against the wall on this one. I want to get Dorico to only play one voice the first time through and the other after the D.C. is this possible? I can’t figure it out so any help will much appreciated.
Here is a shot of what I want to separate.

Not possible.

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Yes, I’m afraid achieving playback on different passes through the music is not yet supported by Dorico, but it is something that we will add in a future version.


The following project created with Dorico Pro 4.1 demonstrates that under the right conditions, it is already possible to play back different voices on different passes:

Different Voices on Different Passes.dorico (818.7 KB)

Thanks Daniel. Next update perhaps? :grinning:

Thanks John.
Yes yours works! Mine doesn’t! What are the right conditions? Is the text just text? Maybe I don’t have the voices assigned correctly. I assumed that Dorico automatically assigns a different voice to up and down stem notes but perhaps I am missing something. I ususally write for single line instruments and voicing is not something that I an expert on. Any pointers would be welcome.

In order for me to provide specific advice on how to accomplish what you want, I need some more information from you. What instrument and what playback template are you using? Which up-stem or down-stem voices do you want to hear before and after the D.C.? Is this instrument not playing anything just before the D.C.?

I am trying to condense my score so that there will less pages. The instrument is 7 string fretless guitar. However I am calling it electric guitar. We are using microtonal modes but for simplicity I omitted that detail. The tune is a vehicle for improvisation with some written material then improv followed by a recapitulation of the written material where the guitar plays a harmony line to the original melody. Very straightforward. I can create a visual score for the players but it occurred to me that perhaps I could specify that on the DC the guitar plays the upper voice. and Dorico would play that back correctly as in your example.
I am using the default playback template as I have never delved into that area as yet. I write for improvising ensembles and just get the dots on the page so we do our thing!
Before the DC the guitar is playing another line. I was hoping for a quick solution so that I could listen back and get the correct result. Hopefully that makes sense.

Until Dorico provides proper support for playing back different voices on different passes, the workaround to accomplish this already is quite complicated. Since you are hoping for a quick solution, I would suggest you make a copy of your project and eliminate the D.C. from the copy so you can produce an audio file that the players can listen to while viewing printed copies of the original condensed score or parts.

That is exactly what I was doing when I thought about this possibility! Thanks for your input John I think I will just wait until Dorico fixes this!