Playback of string hit x-noteheads in guitar score

I’m working on a solo guitar piece that uses x-noteheads to denote percussive pitchless damped string hits. How do I get these to playback as a pitchless string hit (Dorico SE)?

The answer will likely be to put the pitchless notes into a separate voice that can either be silenced (muted, suppressed) or assigned to a different sound. The question will be whether you can find an appropriate sound that will map to the “pitch” shown on your guitar staff. You may have to make those notes silent and add a separate percussive instrument (on a single line) to produce the sound where your silent guitar notes are but not show in your guitar part.

If you go to the second player for the percussive sounds, then you can keep everything in the same voice in the guitar part and simply suppress playback and change the noteheads of the non-pitched notes.

Is this also possible in Dorico SE? The documents never say that some feature is only available in PRO, so I’m always wondering whether I’m doing something wrong or is that feature not working because it is not available in SE.

Which option are you trying?
Is the guitar your only Player?

I put together the following in Dorico 4.0.01 SE
StrumAndDrumTest.dorico (595.4 KB)

We have separate manuals for the different product versions. If you make sure you’re reading the SE manual, and something is included in that, it should be possible in SE (although it can occasionally the case that topics aren’t correctly marked up, but if you ever read something in the SE manual that you can’t seem to do in your copy of SE, you can always share that and I’ll check it).

E.g. here’s the Dorico 4 SE manual page about showing notes as dead notes.