Playback offsets?

I’m using Dorico 4.3 at the moment and I have a question.
Usually my questions highlight my misunderstanding, and maybe so here, so if someone can put me out of my misery, I’d be grateful…

I’ve imported a MIDI file into a new Dorico project. Some of the note lengths are a bit iffy, but I can fix those…
I could hear, when it played back, that it wasn’t “tight”, and I noticed that each note had a (different) non-zero “playback start offset” and “playback end offset”.

I can fix those in one big edit, I thought to myself…
I selected everything, and in the Properties Panel at the bottom, all the Panes except “Common” disappeared - more particularly, the Notes & Rests Pane that contains the offsets, well, that vanished.

I can fix that too, I thought to myself…
I used Edit/Filter to select just “Notes and Chords”.
No Panes appeared…

If I go through the entire score with All Notes & Chords selected, and deselect grace notes and the “3” bracket of each triplet, then the Pane reappears, and I can fix all the offsets in one go.

Is the “selecting All Notes & Chords” filter not quite working as it should?
Is it a deliberate feature?
Is there a quicker workaround than de-selecting grace notes and “3” triplet braces?
Am I doing it wrong?

All help appreciated!

if I understand what you mean,
Select first note, hold down “CTRL” while you select the last note involved,
“CTRL+Shift+A” selects what you wanted. Now you can click Start /End -Offset
in the Lower Zone.

There is also a “Reset Playback Overrides” in the Play menu, which will do the same thing to the current selection, even if you have more than notes selected.

I din’t think of that. Good to have such specialists like benwiggy here in the Forum.

Ah right - thank you benwiggy for such a neat answer!

No, Fes-Lehu, that doesn’t work for me - same issue - when I do that, it selects the grace notes and the “3” in the triplets, and that stops the Pane appearing.

I even made a new project with just a crotchet and 3 triplet crotchets…
If I select all, then Filter Notes and Chords, or even if I do as you suggest, I can’t access the Notes and Rests Pane to see the Playback offsets, unless I manually deselect the “3” in the triplet bracket…

If that’s how it is, that’s how it is, but in other work I’ve found the Edit/Filter to do all I ever want!