Playback on imported MIDI file

I’ve finally got a few days spare so I’m trying out some of the new features of Dorico 4. And I’ve encountered a roadblock. If I import a MIDI file, it will not play. I hit the play button and the playhead just stays where it is. I’ve unloaded and reloaded the Halion sounds to no effect. They play when I click on the keyboard underneath the VST. Just not from Dorico. Any ideas?

I’m on a Mac Mini by the way.

PS. File below
Test.dorico (711.8 KB)

It does play on my Windows computer, but the routing was all over the place, both from Dorico to HALion and the other way. And it lacked a percussion map. You might want to update to 4.0.10, though.
Test_fixed.dorico (711.9 KB)

Thanks Nickie. Updating the software seems to have solved the problem. :slight_smile: