Playback on the fly

With many projects, I find it necessary to play through the music, watching the original MS while my ear picks up any typos I may have put in. To facilitate this, I like using a temporary playback instrument such as piano or oboe which can give me definite beginnings and endings of notes. Without having to change instruments in Setup, how do I do this?

Also, how do I change playback tempi without having to put in a graphical tempo change in the score I then have to take out when I am done proofing.

Unless I am missing something in Dorico, this are two areas which Finale still has the edge. Many thanks!

I don’t know what VST you’re using for audio, but assuming it’s HALion, you just go to Play mode, click the little “e” to the left of HALion Sonic SE (in the right panel), then choose instruments from the dropdown menus.

For changing the playback tempi, click the blue crotchet/quarter in the top bar (to the left of the rewind/play/record buttons) and the crotchet/quarter will turn grey. Then click and hold, and drag the mouse up or down. The tempo will be increased or decreased accordingly. When you’re happy and want Dorico to return to reading the printed tempi, click the grey crotchet/quarter so it turns blue again.

So yeah, you’re missing at least a couple of things in Dorico :wink:

You can also add tempos that won’t appear in the score by entering them in the usual way in the Shift+T popover, and then deactivating the ‘Show text’ and ‘Show metronome mark’ properties, which will leave a signpost behind.

I use Noteperformer’s A/B switch to override pitched instruments to be piano sounds in the B setting. This lets me switch between the real instrumentation and an “all piano” playback pretty easily. I’m not sure how you would do that with other virtual instruments. Maybe multiple playback configurations?