Playback one channel only!

Hi, On playback the mixer only shows activity on HSSE main (port 1, channel 1). I am not using an audio interface just trying to hear the arrangement I’m inputting for any wrong notes. I am unable to solo individual tracks, since they’re all playing on the main track 1. Any ideas? Thanks!

Try to load the default playback template once more (in Play Mode choose the menu item Play > Playback Template).
Does it happen with any project with you, also new ones that you start from scratch?

Thanks. I can hear it, but it only shows levels on the HSSE mixer, not the HSSE section of the Dorico mixer, and there is just a main output slot visible, even though I assigned different outputs when I loaded the individual sounds. If all the sounds are from ARIA, it shows all the output slots, and I can see levels there, but no levels on the ARIA player mixer. Also, it won’t let me use a combination (i.e., some sounds from VST instruments and some from HSSE). ARIA has stereo outs and HSSE doesn’t. Sorry, my engineering skills are minimal; I’m mainly a composer/arranger. I did a piece for Metropole Orkeste and they suggested Dorico since Finale was giving me so many problems. One of the outer rings of hell.

OK, now it all seems to be working suddenly, so please disregard the above post. THANK YOU!