Playback only through left?

So, I’m new to Cubase and I’ve been having this problem. (Using Cubase Essential 5)

I only seem to have playback through the left speaker. I realized through looking at the VST Connections and what not that the Output is routed through Out 1 and Out 2, i assume as it should, with Out 1 being the left speaker and Out 2 being the right speaker. I switched them so Out 2 was the left and Out 1 was the right, and then there was only playback through the right. So, this leads me to believe that only Out 1 is working, and I don’t know how to fix that.

I probably sound like such a newbie, but is there anyone that can help?

Is there a control panel for your audio device?

No. And by the way I’m using a Presonus AudioBos USB.

Have you recorded a mono or stereo track?


I realized that mono works through both but stereo doesnt, so at least that’s half the problem. That’s good enough of a solution for me. Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

And what did you record? A mono source or a stereo source?
Record a mono source to a mono track and a stereo source to a stereo track…