Playback Options Issues

When setting the beat stress in playback options, entering a value in the first beat of the bar also adds it in the other beats of the bar and vice-versa. Similarly, when deleting one of the options, it also removes it from the other.

I am certain that, previously, these options could be entered independently of the other.

Also, I have found that changing these options does not translate into the score. Viewing the MIDI data in my DAW shows that the beats are stressed even if set to zero in the playback options.

I don’t know whether it’s encouraging or discouraging to hear that! On my system, I’ve never been able to change these values independently (regardless of version number). I’ve been wondering about this very same issue.

Hello samreed,

Thanks for your reply.

This is rather strange, I’m sure I was able to edit these individually previously … you have me thinking now … well I have been working very long hours here so it’s possible I imagined it.

I’m tempted to install the previous version to check.

Will post back.

With our apologies, in fact at the moment the option for secondary beat stresses is not yet functional; the value entered for primary beat stresses will in fact be used for every beat.

Thank you Daniel, much appreciated. :slight_smile: