Playback options timing and piano roll not synced?

Hi, I was playing around with the timing options in the playback section where you can set the duration of for example the legato notes to 110% of normal. I would have expected that this change would have been reflected in the piano roll view but it doesn’t seem to be even though I clearly hear that its extending note duration. Is it supposed to behave this way? I thought the piano roll should be exactly the midi data going out?

It doesn’t work quite that way currently. Note length modifiers are applied afterwards and are not shown in the view. The piano roll does let you override the playback start time and duration of any note, and if you make any manual modifications then the length modifiers aren’t applied.

In the fullness of time we expect that the view in the piano roll will more closely reflect the actual MIDI data, however the relationship between the notated notes and played notes is incredibly complex. Also, in the next update the note dragging is much improved (you get visual feedback while dragging, not after releasing the mouse).