Playback options

I watched this video from april 2018

there is a menu playback options - this menu item doesn’t exist in my dorico version… Does anybody know why?

This seems like the same problem you had with the Write menu in your question about rhythm notation - you are losing the last items from the menus for some reason.

What is the resolution of your display? This thread says “Display resolution of 1,920 x 1,280 or greater recommended (1,366 x 768 minimum)”

Dorico works fine for me on a 1920 x 1280 display, but the Write menu takes almost the full height of that and the Play menu might be taller than 768 pixels.

i have a 4k display, resolution shouln’t be a problem…
really strange that i miss some menu items. could it have to do with elements/pro version?

I only have the Pro version, so I don’t know exactly what is in Elements. The main difference with Elements is that there was no Engrave Mode (where you can tweak the appearance of almost everything in the score) but I don’t know what else is different.

Neither Engraving options, Notation options or Playback options are available in Elements.

There’s a full comparison here:

thanks! i feel the need for pro… elements seems quite limited…