Playback options

I’m getting very erratic behavior from the new playback options. In particular, Dorico seems to get mixed up about what is normal and what is legato.

E.g., I created a new empty project, added a solo violin, and added a few notes with no slurs or other articulations. They seem to play back without any gap between notes. To make sure I’m not mis-hearing things, I changed the playback options for default notes to 20%, it seems to have no effect: default notes still play back with no gap between notes. Then I added a slur over a few notes. The effect is that all but the last note under the slur plays back short. The last one is full length. So it seems like Dorico has default and legato switched. Weird.

I also tried switching the durations: I set duration of default notes to 105% and duration of legato notes to 20%. The default notes still play back legato. The notes under the slur play back short, except for the last two, which are legato.

Is this just a bug, or am I doing something wrong? If it’s a bug, is there any workaround? (584 KB)

Get the same here. Must be a bug…

Sorry to take so long to follow up on this: Paul has confirmed that there are some bugs in 1.0.20 that prevent legato playing techniques and slurs from playing back correctly. I’ve just tried this example in our current development build, and the playback is correct, so this will be in better shape in 1.0.30, along with a number of other improvements to playback that are in progress.