Playback out of tune

Today Dorico (latest version) on M1 Macbook Pro started to play back out of tune when scoring a wind quintet.
Never happened before, I’m using the latest version of Note Performer.
BTW It plays back perfectly on my Dell XPS with Windows 11, same setup.
Can’t figure this one out.
James B

It’s usually a sample rate mismatch. Try changing sample rate and back again if needed.


Is it the horn playing out of tune by any chance? The NotePerformer horns still sound 1/4 flat (or more) in the Wagner Götterdämmerung score from this thread. I tried changing the sample rate; I also deleted these bars (5-7) and re-entered them, still really flat. I can click on the horn notes and they sound fine, but when I hit play (either full orchestra or just with horn selected), they are incredibly flat.

Hi Stephen
It’s more the woodwinds seem to be misbehaving. I’m reinstalling Dorico and NotePerformer now to see if that will help.

Reinstalling Dorico and NotePerformer seems to have fixed it ok.


I had exactly this issue. The problem was the Audio sample rate - don’t ask how I managed to change it, I have o idea what I did. However when I went to Dorico Preferences>Play>Audio Device Setup and changed the sample rate back to 44100, it worked fine.

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Sorted! I exported the file as a music xml (uncompressed) then opened Dorico and imported the xml via the file menu, no problems.
Hope this might help anyone else with this problem. :slight_smile:

I’m on version 5 and it routinely plays back sharp and it’s not a sampling issue. All the goofy DAW features they added and their program can’t play back in tune. SMFH. FIX THIS!!

In order to fix a bug or a problem, they need a detailed report of exactly what you did and what went differently than you expected. I for one haven’t a clue what could be happening for you. Could you post a minimal project that is playing at the wrong pitch for you? How sharp, a semitone? Less? What hardware are you using? Is it possible a pitch wheel is off center or something? Without details, your complaint is useless noise, but if you’ll be specific, you can get some prompt help.

Not happened yet in Dorico, which I am only now starting to get into, but in Finale, this kind of issue could be caused by a MIDI Pitch Bend being sent on the channel concerned. And that, of course, would not be exported into a MusicXML file …

This kind of problem could also be a mismatch between the sampling rates (44.1 & 48K) in Dorico and the computer audio device driver.

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When Dorico is out of tune, try following : go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate there to a different value, wait for 5 seconds and then change it back to the previous rate. Is Dorico then still out of tune?


I restarted my MIDI keyboard and it seems to have fixed this problem.