Playback overview bar?

If I have a project with many repetitions in Dorico, it is difficult to navigate the playback to the right place (including repetitions) in playback mode.

Is there a playback overview bar in Dorico, similar to the one found in BIAB, that shows the WHOLE progression (including repetition bars!)?

i.e: If I have 20 bars, which are repeated (written with repetition dots), how can I play i.e bar 38 directly? Without listening the whole repetition… In Play mode I only see 20 bars… right?

Thank you for your answer!

Same way we used to do it in Sibelius… Using your example above, put the playback line in bar 41 (first bar/beat after the repeat barline) and then rewind to the desired position, Dorico will not play the repeat. After that you can use Replay to always go from there…


Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work….

If I have a piece with 20 bars and repeat them, then in Play mode there should be 40 bars available… But there are just 20 (coloured bar)


Thank you for your help!

No that shouldn’t be the case. If I have a repeat starting at bar 1 and then a “close” repeat in bar 20 then the bar after that should be bar 21. Remember, this is a Notation program first. The Play window will reflect the notation i.e. bar 21 will be the bar after the “close” repeat. If you want to see 40 bars then you’ll have to duplicate the material instead of using the repeat barlines.

For example here:

If I have a repeat the bar after the repeat is still bar 5.

Even if that repeat is played 4 times it still displays the bar after as bar 5… And

The Play window reflects that…

Now when I say rewind I mean use the minus sign (-) from the NUMPAD i.e. (using the example above)

1.- select the first note of bar 5, press P and stop. Or alternatively in Play simply drag the play line to bar 5
2.- Now use the NUMPAD - to rewind to where ever you want it, Dorico will not play the repeat

Hello Bollen

Thnak you very much for your Explanation. That should be clear now.

But my Problem is: I have a first ending in bar 4 and a second ending in bar 5. And I would like to hear just the second time/Repetition; bar 1-3 (skip bar4) and Play directly bar 5… Is this possible? (also in the Play window…)

Thank you and best wishes!

No, you can’t easily start playback from the second repeat at the moment.

… thanks for your answer! Would be great if this feature could be implemented as soon as possible…