Playback plays only in my left headphone

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you all could help me, please? When I hit playback, the sound is only in my left headphone, but this only happens to my vocal track. Like the ‘beat’ I imported, it plays in both my headphones, but the vocal track only in my left headphone. Sorry if this is a silly question, I just bought Cubase and I’ve never used a DAW before.

Thank you in advance!
Edit: I made it work using ‘Stereo Flip’, but I would like to know how do I do that automatically? without having to stereo flipping it every single time

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Looks like you are recording a mono source (your mic) through a bus assigned as stereo. So add a mono bus for the input you want and use that bus as the input to the audio track.

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Could you, please, explain me how to do that? Like I barely figured it out how to add a track…

Assuming you have a version of Cubase 9 (you should add that info and your computer OS and audio hardware to your forum signature)…

  • Go to the Studio>Audio Connections menu.
  • On the “Input” tab, click “Add Bus”
  • Make sure the configuration is set to “Mono”
  • Click “Add Bus”
  • Left click on the “Device Port” and choose the input you want to connect your mic to.
  • Close that menu by clicking the “X”
  • Add an "Audio Track’ to your project (can be mono or stereo)
  • In the track inspector section click on the track number to bring down the I/O section
  • Set the “Input Routing” to be the mono bus you created as the input.
  • Set the "Output Routing to be the main “stereo out” bus like in your pics.

Hopefully you will be all set.

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Thank you so much! It worked! I have Cubase 9.5 Pro. The problem is… after I close Cubase and open it again, I need to do these settings all over again. How could I save these settings?

That’s great news… :wink:

I’m not at my PC right now but… there is a place in the audio connections menu to save your bus setup as the default or as a user preference. Check out the CB operation manual if you can’t find it (I think it is somewhere above the I/O tabs).

Also… once you get a project setup as you like you can save that as a user template. It should save all settings and you would use that template as the basis for creating new similar projects from the Steinberg Hub. It will be listed in the “More” tab of the hub. Look at the OP manual for creating that template as it can be a bit tricky too.

Nothing in Cubase is easy but… with some experience you will get the hang of it.

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