Playback previous selection?

Hello all…

Perhaps this is a question for Anthony.

Does the program have the ability to playback just a previous selection after one has made an edit in that selection?

I.E. I have the picc. and clarinet selected for playback in an orchestral score. I just made an edit in the picc. part. Now I want to hear that edit, but with just the picc. and clarinet from my last start position, without re-selecting the picc. and clarinet part again. (I’m not lazy, I just deeply believe in Key Commands ability to utilize muscle memory as a tool to speed up writing.)

I understand that I can easily play from “Last start position” with SHIFT SPACE, but that plays back the full score. What I’m wondering about is something like “Play selection from last start position.”

Thank you all for your help, and thank you to Daniel and the team for this wonderful, amazing program.

No, sorry.

Just want to say that this would be a very useful feature…I am constantly having to re-select the same group of staves again to re-audition after some editing. This would be another great time and mouse clicking saver.

You can use Alt+S to solo the selection, then only those staves that were soloed will play back regardless of how you then change the selection. You can then type Shift+Alt+S to reset all of the soloed instruments, so that everything (or whatever you select) will play back again.

Daniel, Dan, Thank you.

Daniel—I was able to utilize the Alt+S key command to solo easily, but the Shift + Alt + S key command doesn’t unsolo anything for me, or appear in the Key Command list found in preferences. Am I doing something wrong? — GAP

In the key commands, search for ‘solo’. In the PLAY section the two options that come up are ‘Solo Selected Instruments’ and ‘Deactivate All Solo States’

Got it!

Thank you all!