Playback Problem at End of CD

Hi All. I’ve been having this problem for many years. Up until now I’ve only done work for myself but I’m making a demo for a friend’s group and I want all to go well. Hope someone knows how to help.

Problem: I make a CD from a basic audio CD converted to a montage. When I play it back the resulting CD there is a fraction of a second of audio that plays after the last song on the CD ends. This happens on any CD playback device.

My Work Flow: (in case this helps)

  1. Move songs (created in Cubase) to a staging directory.
  2. Open Wavelab, navigate to the staging directory.
  3. Import the songs to a batch process for limiting and run the process.
  4. Import the output of the batch process to a second batch process for resampling and dithering and run the process.
  5. Create a basic audio CD from the output of the prior batch process, ACCEPTING Wavelab’s track markers.
  6. Create a montage from the basic audio CD.
  7. Edit the CD text.
  8. Write the CD using my computer’s CD/DVD writer.

Seems like this could be a marker issue but I can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

Track markers for CD and DDP will be quantized to CD frames so that could be what your’e experiencing.

It’s likely that the end of your last track doesn’t fall on a CD frame so the ending marker is moved backward by a few milliseconds.

For this reason, I usually quantize the markers myself using the CD wizard so that I know exactly where the markers will shift to. This doesn’t change the audio placement, just the markers placement.

Maybe you could import the audio from a CD you burned and see if this is what is happening.

Sorry for not posting back. Your suggestion worked. Thanks for your help.

No problem. I’m glad it helped. Once upon a time I wasn’t aware that CD markers were eventually quantized to a CD frame upon burning a CD or making a DDP if they were not already quantized which can cause tiny changes to the marker placements to occur.

I’m glad you’ve got it under control now.