playback problem + multirestproblem

Hi everyone,
3 problems:
When I hit play in the attached score I hear 2 low C notes which are not in the score ?
Also - I have input “pizz” at bar 8 but when printing the basspart Dorico places it at bar 1 - ruining the multibar rest.
In play mode the first notes appear at bar 29 - although they are at bar 8 ?
What to do ?

Halleluja (156 KB)

I unzipped your file and opened it in Dorico.

  1. I don’t hear any extra notes which aren’t in the score when I play it back.

  2. In Write mode I deleted the Pizz. marking, then selected the first note and re-applied the Pizz. marking and it shows where it should in Print mode, with a proper 7 measure multirest and the word Pizz. over the first note.

  3. The numbers appear to be the beats, not the bars, in the Play mode. So the first notes sound at beat 29, as they should following a 7 measure rest of 4 beats per measure (28 beats of silence). If the numbers actually represented bar numbers, the green playback position indicator would be moving much more slowly than it does.

Everything plays absolutely normal here ! Have you tried to relaunch Dorico ?
Capture d’écran 2016-11-30 à 11.47.40.png

The low C notes are going to be the keyswitch notes being played because Dorico expects to be able to produce a keyswitch for the pizz. sound, and I guess you’re playing back using something other than the default HALion sounds.

The pizz. playing technique is in fact attached to the first bar, rather than to bar 8. Cut it to the clipboard with Ctrl+X, then select the first note at the start of bar 8, and paste it back in with Ctrl+V.

You’re right - I changed the sound manually in Halion.

Got it - select the note first…
thank’s all :slight_smile:

The new option of changing sounds in the play panel only gives me a few options. I wan’t to change e.g. to a bassguitar sound - but then I get the low C’s that the keyswitch makes.
How to avoid this ?

Click the little cog icon next to the entry in the VST Instruments rack for HALion Sonic SE and unset the expression map for the channel in which you have changed the bass guitar sound.