Playback problem (Win 10)

There have been a lot of threads about playback problems. I’m sorry, if I missed a thread with the same problem.
I’m on Windows 10, Version 1909 and I use Dorico 3.5. I use a RME Babyface with the most recent drivers.
Dorico used to work without any problems, but one or two weeks ago, Dorico started to behave strange, when playing back a project.
At the moment, I can start Dorico and start a new project and I will have sound. But when I open a saved project, I get no sound. Reseting the playback template or playback changes are not helpful. There are no players muted and the mixer and Halion Sonic SE are showing actions, but no sound is coming out.
My playback devices are set correctly - otherwise there could be no sound from a new project as well …
Except for some Windows updates, there have been no changes to my system.
This is really strange and I tried a lot, to find the problem, but now I am at the end of my knowledge. Any suggestions?

When you have a not sounding project open, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post here the corresponding zip file. Thanks

Here you are.
Dorico (1.64 MB)

Thanks for the data, but the logs don’t show anything unusual. So the Dorico mixer shows metering on the output channel, right? How about the Babyface, does it have some “mixer application” like the larger RME models have? Does that show any metering for audio coming in from Dorico?
Could you please send me one of those project files? Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Thank you, Ulf. Babayface uses the “RME TotalMix FX” like all the bigger models.
I didn’t look here, because I did get sound from a new project. But looking into TotalMix FX for a project, which didn’t played back, I noticed, that the sound was going to a wrong output. Dorico was still set set to send the music to the correct output. Changing the “Optical Output” in the setup of the babyface from ADAT to SPDIF suddenly gave me sound, even if I don’t use the Optical Output. Very strange!!!
At least it doesn’t seems to be a problem inside Dorico.
Is Dorico saving settings, which could influence how the Babyface routes the music of the project into the Audio interface?

We only save to what port of an audio interface we send Dorico’s output stream to, but we have no control over the internal routing of the audio interface. So I really wonder what is going on there. But you could still send me one of those projects, maybe I can see something among the data.