Playback problem with added staff

I have a part with an added staff. If I select the notes in the “primary” staff only (e.g. don’t play the added staff) every time the note is the same as in the added staff it doesn’t sound.
Bug ?

Mads can you please explain, where is the arrow pointing to?
Do you have a part containing two players?
What do you mean with “added”staff?
Is this a section player’s Divisi staff?

The arrow is pointing to the note, that doesn’t play.
It’s a flute part and the added staff is meant to be played after a D.S.
I’ts a single player and there is no divisi.

:thinking: Mads, thank you for your explanation; do the systems line up with the same bar numbers? Can you please upload your part (.dorico) so we can see what is going on.
Otherwise we will all have to guess…
If you have one player with an added staff
then this can only be an Ossia staff.
My guess (as you are talking about D.S.): it could be a part with actually added bars.
Please upload, so we can solve this for you :pray:t2:

[edit] are you talking about an flute player, having his instrument notated on two systems like a piano?

This is really strange. In the below example …

… the Db in m2 and the Eb in m3 both drop out, but the other unison notes play. Whatever is happening here doesn’t seem entirely consistent.

I can confirm what @FredGUnn has reported. If only the notes and rests in the added staff are selected, then only the Db in m2 and the Eb in m3 play. The easy way to end this madness is to enable independent voice playback.

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Wait, only those 2 unison notes play for you? Only those 2 drop out for me. Doesn’t matter I guess as you’re right that IVP fixes it.

If you enable Independent Voice Playback for the instrument in question (in Play Mode), you will hear every note.

Yes, folks, Dorico automatically mutes unisons on the same endpoint, which handily prevents them from sounding like one note twice as loud (which they would not with human players). This soloing problem seems to be an unintended effect of that.

I meant to say that if I solo the lower staff in your example, I only hear the two notes that drop out when I solo the upper staff. As you said, “This is really strange.”

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Oh, yeah, you did say added staff. Reading comprehension fail by me. Definitely strange though!

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