Playback problem with MasterRig

Just installed v9 and I love how it works! I discovered a bug almost immediately though and I think I’ve managed to track it down to the MasterRig plugin.

When I play back a file that has silence in the beginning or complete silence on one channel (left channel in this case) with the MasterRig plugin in the chain, playback is muted. It only “springs into action” once it reaches a portion where both channels are playing.

If I insert another plugin before the MasterRig that introduces non-linear noise (tried with various Slate plugins) it plays back fine. So it seems like MasterRig needs something on both channels to “wake it up”.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Confirmed here on OS X with build 536.

Hi necromorbus,

this bug is known and already has an entry in our bug base.


Thanks Andreas, good to know!