Playback Problem with Trial Version


I am testing out the Dorico Trial Version. When I change the instruments in Halion Sonic SE to anything but the default string section ones (such as Violin I A Combi, Violin II A Combi, etc.,), and play it back, I hear a constant low note playing randomly where there is no music written. I have changed the instruments to other string sounds, as well as other instruments sounds, and it is the same issue. For any instrument I select, there is a constant pinging sound of a low note in that instrument. I then returned the instrument back to the original Violoncelli A Combo and the background pinging noise went away.

Can you please assist? I really want to buy your program but I need to have this problem resolved before that happens.




May I suggest you take a look at this thread and the video linked to here to see whether they help. If not, come back here: you’ll get an answer before too long for sure :slight_smile:.

When instruments are loaded they are also given a corresponding Expression Map, which handles the switching between articulations, pizz, arco, etc.etc. whatever is available. This is called KEY Switcing and uses midi keys OUTSIDE the normal playing range of each particular instrument. So, if you change instruments in Halion without changing the corresponding expression map in Dorico, you risk that those “controller notes” become audible.

Wow. This community is brilliant. Thank you, MarkSealey and Fratveno!

This looks like the same issue I’m dealing with. I will give it a go, and return if I have additional questions.

Thanks so much!

Yes do! Let us know how you get on. Good luck :slight_smile:.