Playback problem

Just instaled cubase Elements 13 Trial version. Everything worked out well with installation of the program and hardware PreSonus 26C. I recorded just a short tune, hade sound during the play, but after recording and when i was to listen to what ive recorded i get no sound. The leveler is working, and all the other things but no sound, somebody whon has an idea what might be the problem? looking forward to some feedback. Best regards

I’m assuming you mean an Audio and not MIDI Recording.

When you look at the Track in the Project Window do you see a waveform (aka Audio Event) like in the pic below? If so, then you did actually Record the Audio. So it is most likely a routing setup problem. But if you don’t see the Audio Event then you didn’t record anything. This is most likely because the Track wasn’t Record Enabled or Record was not engaged on the Transport.

Can you post a screenshot of the Track’s Inspector.

Hello Raino,
Thanks for the answer and tip!! In the excitment i noticed that i hav recorded a midi file. Now i have inserted a audio chanel and everything works out the best.
Thank you