Playback problems in Dorico 4

Just a simple report that when I have been listening to playback of files I created in Dorico 3.5 that involve pizzicato strings, now in Dorico 4 only the first notes are realized as pizzicato, but the remaining ones are arco. This has happened both with Halion and with NotePlayer.

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Make sure the pizz playing technique is applied without duration (select it and alt-shift-left until no duration is set). Otherwise when it’s reached the end of duration it reverts to nat (arco)

I’m very glad to have come across this post and solution, as I’d been fiddling about for some time trying to figure out what was going on. Your advice, Marc, is spot on, but there was no visual clue as to the duration of the pizzicato, i.e. no left and right orange circles, which certainly did appear when I then experimentally applied a pizzicato playing technique to a selection of successive notes.
My (big) score was also created in 3.5, accordingly I’m now assuming that every pizzicato in it will need looking at, so this thread has been a timely alert.

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I suppose this is something the team should solve, as it’s not expected not to find those round handles, if there’s a duration. Thanks for your feedback!

there have already been a few like this – myself included. The issues have been mainly from D3.5 files for the simple reason that if you just happen to have had more than one note selected when applying a playing technique, it is ignored in 3.5 but critical in 4. But any sort of misalignment of the technique and the note can cause 4 to interpret it as “with duration” so it can be pesky to spot.