Playback Problems (Speed and Pitch)


I have a strange playback issue with WaveLab 7 that has been difficult to troubleshoot. I’m currently going on about one month of back-and-forth e-mails with support (including a phone call today), and I’m no closer to resolving the issue.

WaveLab 7 (32-bit OR 64-bit, both on a Windows 7 64-bit system) is not playing files at the correct speed or pitch. In fact, no matter which files I use (wave mixes with different bit depth and sample rates exported from Sonar X2 or random 192 kHz MP3s), they all sound like they are playing back at half the speed and half the pitch. Those same files playback normally in Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Sound Forge 6, and VLC. I’ve tried experimenting with the streaming settings in WaveLab, but it hasn’t helped. We thought it was related to my Alesis iO26 firewire interface, but the same playback problems occur with my system board’s built-in HD audio device. Uninstalling and reinstalling WaveLab does not solve anything, and reformatting is not an option.

When I’m switching between different audio files in WaveLab, I can verify that my Alesis is switching to the sample rate used for the selected file, and since the Alesis is synched and locked internally, I feel the problem is specific to WaveLab.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you try the MME driver in WaveLab?