Playback probs

Hi everybody,

I did the following:

  • import 92 xml-files from SIB
  • open them in Dorico Pro 2.2
  • save them into DP2 format
  • reload them as DP2 files

Since this point of time, playback mode is confused…

I can’t hear anything and I get the messages you can see in the snippet attached - but this is the 1. message followed by (felt) 16 messages of the same type (window: Locate- Ignore - Browse) with the final message “Some sound files are missing - check the installation”

Moreover: I downloaded the NOTEPERFORMER 3 TRIAL VERSION, which is installed correctly on my computer, but DP2 doesn’t detect it :frowning:

Before importing SIB XML-files, everything worked fine…

Can anybody help?



In Play Mode, have you used the Play Menu
to set the Playback Template to Noteperformer
and ask the program to Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments?

That would be what I would try first.

Have you definitely installed both the ‘Dorico Playback 1’ and ‘Dorico Playback 2’ installers listed in Steinberg Download Assistant? I think it might be worth trying at least reinstalling ‘Dorico Playback 1’.

@ Derrek,

Yes, I tried, but Noteperformer isn’t listed in the Playback template…

Can you please go to Help > Create Diagnostic Report, that creates a zip file on your desktop. Please post it here.

@ Daniel: THX a lot - it seems to work again fine…

@ Ulf: please see attachement

Dorico (922 KB)

I notice when one installs NotePerformer, one has checkboxes to ask for installations to Sib, Finale, and Dorico. One needs to check the appropriate boxes to have NotePerformer available to more than one notation program.

Indeed, Dorico does not find your NotePerformer installation. In what location is it installed on your computer?
It must be in one of the location as described in C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine2_64\Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths VSTAudioEngine2.xml
or you need to edit that file and add the path to the NotePerformer DLL.

Hi everybody,

I reinstalled NOTEPERFORMER (NP) and this time it was listed in the playback template. But there is either no playback or DP2 crashes, when I choose NP as playback template. I’ve watched Anthony’s video and saw that his screen showed a NP mixer and some other things. You can see my screen in the attached file…

What’s wrong?

Here’s the attachment…

Hi Piano Vink!
You should be able to see the mixer when the rounded e next to the plug-in name is highlighted (right panel). I never see NotePerformer64, I see NotePerformer, but that might be a simple Mac/PC difference

After pressing the rounded e :

On Windows it shows up as NotePerformer64, that’s correct.

@Piano Vink: Are you sure that Dorico crashes and not just freezes. In any case, please bring it to crash again. Then start Dorico anew and immediately - without loading a project - choose Edit > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip here.

Dear Ulf,

I found Diagnostic Report in the Help menu :wink:

Attached is also a snippet after freezing…


Dorico (892 KB)

Thanks for the data. From the logs it does not look like that Dorico is crashing but rather just freezes. Also, it looks like every second time it is starting up fine. Could you please confirm?
Unfortunately every second log file is missing, that means, from the time when it does not start properly, so it is difficult to tell what was going on during that time.

Dear Ulf,

the file I used froze every time I tried to start it.

By the way:

I moved the NP download via USB-Stick to my notebook, installed it and NP works…

Do you need a fresh diagnostics file?

If it is always the same project that freezes, then it would be better if you could provide that to me. Could you please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’?


As a first resort, I would recommend checking the preferences for your audio output in Dorico!