Playback Professional Needed

Hi everyone,

Next week I was going to record a trio that I wrote but the violinist had to cancel last minute. Now I need at least a convincing Playback as a professional demo before the 17th September. The piece is for violin solo, flute solo and piano. Do you know someone who knows what he does in the realm of “classical” chamber music playback? Very happy to pay for this kind of service.

Warm wishes!

When it comes to the greatest possible expressiveness of solo instruments, then the instruments from Audio Modeling are worth a look. In case of the piano I can recommend Pianoteq.

Thank you! Maybe Playback wasn’t the right word choice. I don’t need it to work with Dorico. I am looking for an audio file of my piece for my dossier. I don’t want to become a DAW speacialist myself so I am looking for people who like doing this kind of work.

You might try posting this request on the Cubase site, or other high-end sample forums. Those folks are more likely to be the ones who make - and have the knowledge to make - convincing audio from samples. It’s possible that some of the folks here know this, too, but as this is a notation forum, it might make sense to cast a wider net.

Good luck!

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Thank you! That’s a great idea! I’ll do that right away.