Playback question

While Dorico is compatible with various VSTs such as those developed by EastWest or Garritan and that Wallander might soon develop NotePerformer for Dorico while I was searching the forum, would the playback compatibility apply to different VSTs developed by either Vienna Symphonic Library, Orchestral Tools or Spitfire Audio?

Considering that I sometimes use other VSTs such as EastWest and Garritan in writing and arranging, I am curious about other VSTs that I thought were not mentioned in general. Thanks.

Orchestral Tools and Spitfire are based on KONTAKT, which is already whitelisted and available in Dorico now. However, this doesn’t work for everyone (I suspect the latest version of Kontakt may be incompatible somehow.)

Also, the PLAY VST which covers all the EastWest libraries gets blacklisted (at least on my system, maybe versions prior to 5 is OK) On my system the ARIA player which covers all the Garritan stuff works fine, but apparently not for everyone. (I’m on W7.)

I have yet to try Vienna Instruments Pro, which is VST2 only, but Vienns Ensemble (Pro) is readily availble as it’s VST, so you an play all VSL libraries today.

Thanks. I’m on Mac OS Sierra as indicated in my signature, and unfortunately, when I started up Dorico, I discovered the Plogue software I have on my system doesn’t work on Dorico, and so does NotePerformer.

I also discovered via quick research that the Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra, Symphobia and Cinesamples VSTs do work with Dorico since they are based on KONTAKT. However, with regards to other VSTs Synthogy Ivory II, IRCAM Solo Instruments, Orchestral Suite and the SONiVOX Film Score Companion, will Dorico work with those? There may be a possibility of them being incompatible with Dorico and being blacklisted from it as a result.

Most of the VST instruments out there should work with Dorico, but we were cautious and only officially allow those instruments that we know work without problems. That’s why we came up with the VST2WhiteList. Only the VST2 plugs that are in that list will get accepted by Dorico. Currently only Kontakt5 is in that whitelist, so all other VST2 instruments will get refused, but if you are in desperate need of some other instrument that is not in the whitelist, on some other thread in this forum you can find a description of how to edit the whitelist in order to get your other plugs being accepted. It is a bit tedious though, but you can. Having just said this, Dorico is at the moment more built around HALion Sonic, so you will probably find it difficult to get your other instruments really working well together. But the team is working on improvements for better integration of 3rd party instruments. You can expect them already in the first update around mid to end November.