Playback questions


I have just three more questions which I cannot find the answers to, and these are in the area of playback.

Is it possible to hear the notes entered , so that I am sure they are the right ones ? Can this be applied to chords as well ?

Is it possible to play back the music from a chosen point, seeing the notation selected (I remember seeing this done in a video somewhere, but cannot find it), just selected items, or all parts from this point ?

Is it possible to mute parts, and play the others, again seeing the notation and not the playback screen ?

It has been very useful to receive this help from more experienced Dorico users - thank you.

I hear the notes as I enter them. If you are looking for pitch-before-duration entry (similr to Finale’s Speedy Entry), Dorico has not implemented it yet.

For playback techniques: see

As for muting tracks

For help with starting playback in different ways, including from a specific point, see here.

To play back chord symbols, see here.

Various options for playing back the music as you enter or edit it are in Edit > Preferences > Playback.

Not sure what you are referencing. There is no Edit > Preferences > Playback

Play, I think. Ctrl-comma (Cmd-comma on Mac) to bring up Preferences.

Actually, it is Edit > Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Auditioning.

Preferences is in the Edit menu on Windows, and in the Dorico menu on Mac. As Dan says, you can type Command-, to open the Preferences dialog, in Dorico as in every other Mac application.