Playback quirk (VSL dimension strings)

tempo is h=42

On playback, the upbow crotchets are playing back detache, which I do not want. I confirmed that the up-bow symbol was making the difference. On longer upbow notes, this isn’t happening.

To be clear, I don’t want them playing back detache – I’d give them a staccato dot for that. Any suggestions how to fix this?

Hi. I would check which playback technique is triggered by upbow (I use NotePerformer and haven’t noticed any difference with/without bowings, which doesn’t mean there’s no special playback technique triggered, only that NP doesn’t support it). This playback technique might trigger your staccatissimo in VSL. But you can edit the playing technique so that it triggers natural or whatever you want!

Thanks Marc. I looked at my xp map, and I notice that I could set an explicit style for upbows, presumably associated with a note-length condition or whatever. But there doesn’t seem to be an entry in the map as it stands relating to upbow, so I’m wondering where Dorico is looking (and can I look there too)?

There must be something in the expression map that is causing this behaviour: Dorico doesn’t have any default playback effect for upbow and downbow playback techniques. So take a closer look at the expression map.

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Yes, I’ve tracked it down to a switch for ‘Natural, note length <= medium’. It’s a bit frustrating because ordinarily I’m happy to have the alternative, but at this sort of tempo the semantics regarding medium/shortness get a bit stretched.

Update: I noticed that the switch was also switching off ‘mute’, which it shouldn’t be. Fixing that has improved things.