Playback related crashing help?

Hi Dorico community,
Dorico (1.6 MB)
I’m getting some weird (maybe Noteperformer related) crashes. Upon loading Dorico up (most of my projects being Noteperformer template projects), the Noteperformer splash screen comes up but then never closes and the VST audio engine process stops responding (windows 10, intel 10400 cpu, MOTU m4 audio interface). If I open up a project with a different playback template (a Halion one for example), the noteperformer splash screen still comes up, hangs, and the vst audio engine process still crashes.

I’ve attached my Dorico Diagnostics zip in case someone on the team wants to take a look at it. I also put in a ticket with Wallander, and they’ve had me try a few different things, but no progress yet. Here’s a quote from Wallander in one of our emails back and forth “We don’t see anything wrong in the logs, but we see that Dorico stops calling NP for some reason.”

Some things I’ve tried include, uninstalling and reinstalling noteperformer, uninstalling and reinstalling my MOTU drivers, clicking install again on Dorico in the Steinberg download assistant.

Also, my sibelius 2019 with Noteperformer still works just fine as does anything I do with my audio interface in Reaper, etc.

Hi @Aaron_Cole , thanks for the data.
Contained are 10 dump files of the audio engine. I had a look and they all point at MOTUCoreUACASIO.dll as the culprit. So it is the MOTU driver that is causing trouble here.
Please approach MOTU on this. Open a ticket with them, describing your setup and how it is behaving and also send them one of those dump files. When you unzip the Dorico Diagnostics, have a look in the Crashes folder. Just pick one of the 10, as they all look same anyway.
Sorry that I can’t help more, but this is the only thing I can suggest.


Back in business. MOTU just released a driver update a few days ago (Jan 10, 2023). That did the trick.

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